From living in Hawaii and interning at ESPN Fishing to filming and interviewing flood victims across Pakistan, I have had many unforgettable experiences. Through the years I have met people across the film industries, creative and non-profit sectors that have helped shape who I am today as a creative.


With over 12+ years of experience in the creative industry & nonprofit sector I have helped launched multi-national campaigns that have reached millions of people. I am fortunate to have worked with Clients like Sony and Microsoft to nonprofit organizations like Homes of Hope and Project Worthmore.

Currently I am working as a Freelance Designer for startups out of NYC, Israel, Denver and San Francisco. Please make sure to see my ventures below as I start to launch them this year including Scout Remote Jobs.

My Ventures

Here are some of the ventures that I have created along side my wife, Jannelle. These are life-long passions and key interests in our current lives.

(websites coming in Summer of 2018)

Scout – Remote Jobs Finder

Scout is a new job listings website for remote workers or employers looking to hire remote workers from anywhere in the world. Companies can post a job and hire from a diverse group of professionals from around the globe.

Manna Bits

Manna Bits is an up and coming phone app that gives you daily bits of inspiration (manna) based on how you feel that day. Based on real modern day scientific data that includes research from Dr Masaru Emoto and nobel prize laureate Luc Montagnier, Manna Bits will help you transform your daily lives.

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Clean & Creative

Digital goods for nonprofits and impact brands. Along with my wife, we’ve been developing an online marketplace that provides creative assets that will help any non-profit or cause reach their audience in new and fresh ways.

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kids go RAWR

Inspiring families and kids to make a statement. Kids Go RAWR is a mix of products and empowering lifestyle for parents and children to go out there and create change in their lives around them.

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